How to launch independent ticket sales quickly and get money directly

Everyone involved in organizing events seeks a quick, efficient and cheap way to launch ticket sales through their own resources, analyze marketing efficiency and manage CRM. And, naturally, they are eager to get money directly on the company’s bank account.

Stripe, world leader in payment processing, and Radario, developer of cloud solutions for sales automation and event marketing, present a comprehensive solution, comprising all the necessary tools for event management with a minimal service fee.

What do we offer?

We offer a multifunctional platform for selling tickets and certificates with a powerful analytics system, CRM and marketing platform for community management automation, and a quick connection to receiving payments by cards and Apple Pay by Stripe.

Service fee is 30¢ per each ticket sold. Moreover, if you want to use an expanded marketing platform, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of 50€. However, you get a free access to CRM after registration. The offer is available in all countries where Stripe works.

Register now and enjoy all the advantages of Radario and Stripe solutions
so as to organize your best events and get full house!

How to launch sales

To begin with, create an account in Stripe if you don’t have it so far.

Add all the particulars in your profile, including bank account details.



Now turn on the  ‘Live’ mode of your Stripe account.


After your Stripe account has been launched, register and create a Radario account.



Now you only need to activate your Stripe account in your Radario profile.



That done, all payments will be delivered directly to your bank account.


Now your Stripe account is integrated with Radario platform. Make money, putting your events in the system. Besides, our solutions are applicable for all kinds of events and venues (concerts, festivals, theatres, museums, sport clubs, business conferences).

What will you get?

After a successful integration all the ticket sales revenue will automatically be displayed in your Stripe account, from which you can transfer money (manually or automatically) to the bank account you’ve previously indicated. Never have ticket sales been so easy, accessible and transparent. In addition, we give you an access to advanced analytics and community management, as well as a possibility to build up loyalty programs and generate repeat sales.

What is important is that solutions are provided as per ‘white label’ pattern. So, your clients think that they interact only with your brand as no external resources are involved, we don’t use readdressing and your user database.


Here is more information on what you get, launching sales with us:

  • A quick and easy launch of events and sessions
  • A builder of interactive schemes of halls with price, rate and quota templates
  • Subscription builder adjusted for an event’s special nature
  • Sales channels adjustment: your website, social media, mobile applications
  • Sharing data with your partner and external services via API
  • Client’s history automatically goes to CRM
  • A comfortable builder of customized mailout
  • Advanced segmentation of your database (geography, demographics, information on purchases and interests, etc.)
  • Powerful analytics tools, conversion tracking for each sales channel

You can use scanners (we recommend Chainway C4000) or Radario application for Android to control the entrance to your events.

We cooperate with more than 1300 partners all around the world, including the organizers of biggest festivals and world stars’ tours.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support desk via

Register now and enjoy all the advantages of Radario and Stripe solutions
so as to organize your best events and get full house!