Radario product-based franchise: Your ready-to-go business in the event & entertainment industry

Understandably, nowadays one of the pivotal business trends is technology adoption, as modern business is primarily a technology-savvy one. Given the stagnation or natural evolutionary confinement in many markets, the only option to promote growth is to adopt new technologies which help gain additional profit and reduce costs.

Developing cloud solutions, Radario tries to develop the entertainment industry itself by providing it with new opportunities and means of monetization. And Radario product-based franchise is your ideal way to spur events & entertainment market in your region without creating technologies from scratch on your own. Your experience and your initiative coupled with our developments, this is how we see the ideal model of Radario product-based franchise which you can immediately start to develop in your country.


What is Radario?

Radario is an international technology provider for events & entertainment industry. We develop intelligent sales, marketing and data management solutions for concerts, shows, venues, theatres and sports. We provide B2B and B2C products, including the technology/platform itself and B2C mobile/web solutions.

We have over 1300 customers worldwide, including such great brands as Rock in Rio – biggest music festival in the world, 30 seconds to Mars and Tokio Hotel. We have offices in US, EU (Portugal) and Russia. We’ve been developing a product-based franchise model in South-Eastern Asia, Central and Latin America throughout this year.

What is Radario technological franchise?

It is the easiest way to start your business in the entertainment industry in your region. The only thing you need is to know your market and be interested in developing your business and event & entertainment industry in your country.

Radario is the best way to monetize your knowledge, connections and experience. We provide you with the most important tools: our brand and technologies, the best technological platform coupled with our working experience and assistance of the highly qualified professionals. No need to develop a world class product. You just need to involve your team and passion to get outstanding results.

The product franchise model has been launched and approbated in 2016 in Malaysia. Our partners are currently working with more than 10 clients, organizers of large-scale sport events (Formula 1 Grand-Prix, Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix) and electronic music festivals.

How does it work?

We will provide you with all the necessary information about the company, about its history, mission and strategy, brand book and brand guidelines, presentations and client cases and, of course, access to all the company’s products with the description of their functions and recommendations to work.


What do we expect from you?

We put all our experience, expertise and even a part of our soul into our solutions. And, naturally, we expect from our partners the same enthusiasm, desire to develop their business and contribute to the development of our product. You and your team should have wide experience and contacts in the event & entertainment industry, as well as resources to hire minimum team requirements and to pay monthly service fee.

Ok, I’m ready, what shall I do first?

Contact us via email franchise@radario.co, tell about yourself, your team, working experience in the event industry and share your ideas on where you would like to develop Radario product-based franchise. We’ll contact you within the shortest possible time to discuss our future cooperation.


Can it be so easy?

Of course. The best technologies and business models are always the easiest. We’re interested in developing and approbating our technologies in as many markets as possible, considering their peculiarities and level of development. We’re also sure that our solutions are genuinely universal, as their pillar is the convenience for our partners and clients and ultimate customer. Our mission doesn’t consist only in gaining additional profit and developing all the ticket market players and the entertainment industry, but also in attracting happy packed audiences.