How do we sell celebrities world tour tickets in Russia?

One of the federal concert promoters speaks about organizing 30 Seconds to Mars and Tokio hotel tours and about his cooperation with Radario.

“For a very long time just like 90% of concert market players, I was cooperating with large ticket monopolists. At first, I was completely satisfied with their service. But understanding, that I am promoting another company at my own cost, pay a high percent from my income and have a very limited number of options for sales management and accounting. Adjusting these systems seemed very expensive so I decided to find  a company which wouldn’t have above mentioned negative sides.

Just like 90% of concert market players, I was cooperating with large ticket monopolists

During one of the meeting with my colleagues from “Mir” concert agency (Krasnodar) I noticed a Radario booklet. We quickly organized a meeting and it was enough for me to understand, that I want to work with them. Acceptable commission, easy purchase within 3 clicks system, integration to social media, technical support and loyalty made the job. We signed the contract.

“Shaiba” hall, where the first Russian concert of 30 Seconds To Mars tour was held

Our first case together was 30 Seconds to Mars tour upon 11 cities in Russia. We understood that their target audience consists of young people from 16 to 30 years old and our main sales channels became social network and a mobile widget designed to help young audience to buy tickets via their smartphone.

Screenshot of official tour page, were most of tickets were sold

We have chosen social network and mobile widget as our main sales channels

With Radario’s technical support we integrated ticket-selling apps to the community about this tour in general and added links to this app in each event group. Installation of each app took about 5 minutes, Sales campaign was on for about 6 month, statistics showed that this way of ticket selling is easy and understandable for our audience: you can buy a ticket right where you’ve found an information about an event.

Konstantin Bortnik and Egor Balagurov from Radario team are consulting entrance check staff in Sochi

First Russian city of the tour was Sochi. Couple of days before the show Radario team arrived to teach my staff how to scan e-tickets. Radario provided scanners with built in software, so each scanned ticket immediately synchronized with the system. It took from 3 to 5 seconds to check each ticket, so entrance queue was smaller than usually. I would also like to note, that we had couple of last minute venue changes and support team proceeded refunds quickly and according to our conditions.

It took from 3 to 5 seconds to check each ticket, so entrance queue was smaller than usually

We were satisfied with our partnership. After this we launched sales for following tours: Pavel Volya, Apocaluptica, Polina Gagarina, Dance on TNT, Hollywood Undeadm Tokio Hotel and many others. For example, sales for Tokio Hotel concerts were launched for 14 cities. We used official tour group in social media and our website as sales channels.”

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