About Radario

Who are we? What do we do? Where are were going and how can we help you? Let us answer some frequently asked questions about Radario Company.

Is Radario a ticket operator?

No, we are not. For already three years we are not a traditional ticket operator. Today Radario is a specialized software for cultural and entertainment business automatation. We create a full circle system with all neccessary tools to help market players selling tickets and other goods (gift certificates, CD’s, books and other merchanize) efficiently, attracting and enhacing the audience and increasing client loyalty level.

Great, but you sell e-tickets, don’t you?

You, organizers, are the ones who sell tickets. We only help to automate this process. We are here to make every ticket related action easier: starting with quotas distribution and finishing with entrance ticket check. However, Radario provides a possibility to sell tickets via different channels: on your website, via your offline box-offices, via social media and via ticket operators.

Is it convenient?

Of course. Such system is handy for you and for your clients, who can purchase tickets to your events within 3 clicks (without signing up and sending text messages). It is also very easy to add new events and manage sales. And the most important part is that you sell all tickets by yourself via your own sources.

Why is that so important?

First of all, because it gives you an online access to complete statistics and accountancy. Secondly, because you can track purchasing activity by yourself and, if necessary, can use tools to promote your events. Thirdly, selling tickets via your own sources will help you increasing the conversion (in average to about 40%). And the last, but not least: you can collect you own client database (including their activity tracking) and start working with it using Radario Marketing platform.

What is a marketing platform?

We combined tools to launch, perform and analyze efficient marketing campaigns into one system, created specifically for cultural and entertainment industry. It is very important to understand that your audience is your biggest value. Working with the audience will allow you promoting events efficiently and, as a result, selling more tickets and getting bigger profit. Marketing platform allows collecting and segmenting your client database by any required parameter: geography, demography, average purchase size and purchase frequency. The only thing you have to do is to choose the most suitable script to work with your audience (we have plenty of options) or create your own unique scenario.

Great! What else should I know?

First of all, let us provide you some numbers. We were founded in July 2012 and as for today we have more than 1100 partners in Russia and other countries: Baltic region, Finland, France, Portugal, Brazil. At the moment we have more than 40 specialists in our team. In March 2016 we reached our personal record: within 24 hours we sold more than 40 thousand tickets to theatre performances all over the country as a part of “Theatre.Go” campaign.

Today Radario is a fully featured technological platform for entertainment industry. Every day we work to improve our system by adding and developing the most important tools for your business. Our plans are to expand our presence in Russia and Portuguese-speaking countries. We are also planning to expand our international partner chain as a “technological franchise”.

Our first project of such type is going to be launched in May 2016 in South-Eastern Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Our latest achievement is launching a first entertainment industry related platform to collect and process data, which became a basis for our Radario Marketing platform. We can provide the most efficient tools to work with information, which provide a relevant content to the customer to increase your sales level.

Moreover we are willing to expand traditional monetization limits in the industry, by giving our client the possibility to increase profit, attract sponsors and any other companies, interested in cooperation with the audience via different marketing channels.

Our core principal is exposure, our mission – sold out events of our happy clients and happy audience.

You can get a quick access to our platform and experience all features here. We are also happy to answer all additional questions: sales@radario.co

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